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“Ms Lily Cai is my daughter’s first piano teacher. She is very nice, patient and cheering! During the first few classes, Ms Lily did such a wonderful job establishing a strong teacher-student bond that is so critical, owing to her caring, passionate, and encouraging personality. Once the bond is there, things are becoming much easier. My daughter started to show more interest in learning piano. She looks forward to each class with Ms Lily, and for most of the time, she wants to practice without the need for me reminding her after each class. As an instructor for a beginner, Ms. Lily helps build a solid foundation for my daughter to develop her interests and skills in playing piano. We feel so lucky to have her! Highly recommended!”


”Elijah started to learn Piano with Ms Lily at four and a half years old during the pandemic. In the first 6 months, the piano lessons were taken virtually. Lily had different ways to keep my boy focused for 30 minutes in class, which was amazing. She would use interactive games, songs, and stories to keep him engaged. Lily is also very patient and encouraging. She would always help him to see the progress he was making.
After a few months, Elijah was able to play simple songs by himself and even composed his first song with Lily. He was so proud of himself. Lily was so happy for him, and she told him that he was a natural musician.
We are so grateful to Lily for teaching Elijah piano. She is an amazing teacher, and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a piano teacher for their child.“


Ke. L

“Over the past two years, for various reasons, my two daughters (7 and 9 yrs old) have had four piano teachers. Each one of them was great in their own way. However, Ms. Lily is undoubtedly our favorite.

Ms. Lily is an exceptional piano teacher who embodies a perfect balance of being kind and firm. She has a unique way of teaching that makes the learning process enjoyable for kids. She is patient, kind, and compassionate with her students, but at the same time, she maintains a level of discipline that is necessary for kids to learn effectively. Ms. Lily knows how to bring out the best in her students and helps them to develop their musical talents.

What I admire most about Ms. Lily is her ability to keep the children engaged and interested in learning. She has a great sense of humor and always makes the lessons fun and exciting. It is so touching to see my kids and other students hugging her after each class, which is a testament to the strong bond she creates with her students.

I highly recommend Ms. Lily as a piano teacher. She is a talented musician, a skilled educator, and has a natural ability to connect with her students. We are very fortunate to have her as our teacher.”


We had been looking for a good piano teacher for our daughter for almost a year, having many trial lessons with quite a few different teachers, until one of my friends recommended Ms. Cai.  She was absolutely amazing! She quickly connected with my daughter and helped her regain her interest in piano in just a few lessons! Now, my daughter has been taking her lessons for over a year, and I am certainly confident to say that Ms. Cai is the best teacher we ever had! She is patient, passionate and responsible. Her lessons are carefully tailored to meet individual student’s pace and needs.  She has an amazing ability to balance between boosting my daughter’s interest and confidence, and keeping her continuously challenged to the next level. She has a great amount of knowledge in music history, theory and techniques, and communicates her knowledge to young students in an age appropriate, effective, and fun way! My daughter can not wait to have her piano lesson every time.  We highly recommend Ms. Cai! 

Lucy G

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