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My primary consideration in helping parents decide whether to enroll their child in piano or any other instrumental study is to prioritize the child's interests. I believe that when students are able to enjoy their lessons, they are more likely to engage in the learning process.

As a teacher, my goal is to help each student discover their potential in music. While this may not necessarily involve practicing as many hours as a professional student right from the start, I believe that all students should develop good practice habits and be provided with a personalized and systematic study plan to help them progress on their musical journey.

For beginner students, I choose different method books based on their age and comprehension. Intermediate to advanced students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and logical thinking, rather than simply following the teacher's opinion.

In my studio, students focus on three main areas: piano technique, music theory, and music history. Developing a strong piano technique is essential for understanding interpretation and supporting performance. Music theory and history help students understand chord progressions and appreciate the whole composition.

Finally, I assist students in finding the correct posture to achieve a better sound from the piano, and encourage them to listen attentively with their ears.


Lesson / Rate

30 Mins /  $50

45 Mins /  $75

60 Mins / $95

Trial Lesson

30 Mins / $55

The trial lesson is based on 30mins, which included:

keyboard/Piano Introduction

Physical Position

Rhythm/Listening Game

Concentration Test

Teacher and parent discussion


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